Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Bruises and scars are the best take aways from all great adventures!

There’s not  even a word to describe how fun, adventure-filled, and physically challenging Danasan Eco Adventure Park is! My accounts below of how memorable our one night stay there do not merit the extent of how eventful (for the lack of better term) our trip was in reality. I can but only describe a little of our short but awesome adventures.

JEEPNEY – Mandaue City to Danao-Danasan Drop Off (~1.5 hrs)
CANTER – <special transpo c/o owner> Danao all the way up to Danasan (~2hrs)
MOTORBIKE – from Danasan Eco Adventure Park to Danao
TIP:The road to Danasan is approx. 30 KM from Danao Terminal. It’s best not to bring a car with you. Aside from spending for gas, you’ll definitely start your adventure in going up, down, and, around the steepest and roughest terrains. Although some 4×4 vehicles easily made their way up, the local MOTORBIKE is the most efficient transportation I can point my finger on.

1, 600 Php – 1 room/night (for 4 pax)
*Superb and very warm accomodation by the owner himself, Mr. Miguel C. Tiongko. Thank you so much Sir! Your generous and indulgent welcome will never be forgotten. All personnel were very pleasing and extra accommodating as well with stories of how everything started. It’s something special to look forward to. You’ll understand how the Adventure Park came to be. Just make sure you ask 😉

DAY 1 ITINERARY [12|29|2011]:
9:00 AM – meet up @ Hi Way Seno (Jollibee, Mandaue City)
9:30 AM – Off to Danao, Cebu
11:30 AM – Danao Terminal/Fish Port, off to Danasan
1:00 PM – Arrival @ Danasan Eco Adventure Park,
1:30 PM – Lunch
2:45 PM – Zip Line (200Php)
3:00 PM – Horseback Riding (200Php) (YeeHaaah!)
3:30 PM – 360° view of Danasan Peak
4:00 PM – Nature Viewing. Free time.
7:00 PM- Dinner (bought our own food)

DAY 2 ITINERARY [12|30|2011]:
7:00 AM – Breakfast
8:20 AM – Wake Boarding (1.6K)
10:00 AM – Caving (200Php ) (A-W-E-S-O-M-E spelunking)
11:30 AM – Waterfalls (200Php)
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Departure

Length of Stay: Overnight

3K Php/pax (including loodging, transpo, food, wake boarding (1.6K per hour good for 4 people), horseback riding, waterfalls, caving (spelunking), zipline)
TIP: You can save more especially on lodging and transpo if you go in group of 4 or 8.

What sets this adventure park apart from all others is that this is the only place where you can do wake boarding on the mountain top. Plus, the caves are just irresistible. That’s where I got most of my bruises from. If you’re claustrophobic and such, you might want to just wait outside the mouth of the cave. The entrance, by the way, is only about 2 feet in diameter and you’ll have to swim or tread (whiever you prefer) to get to the first chamber about 3 meters away from the entrance. So, if adventure is what you want, adventure you will more than get. The best part of all is that you get to ride the tractor to and fro the falls and caves!!!

I will definitely go back to Danasan Eco Adventure Park! There’s just so much to try.

Please ignore all the ramblings. I’m only saying them for fun which I had (and so much, obviously!!)


 Danasan Quarter VerandaHorseback RidingCaveRiver Trekking woot!Snake sa Cave

Please also visit Bryan’s Danasan Eco Adventure Park post for more review about Danasan Eco Adventure Park! 😉

Or you may contact Joseph Ryan G. Tiongko (09228655739)
F. Cabahug Kasambagan St.
Mabolo, Cebu City
Philippines 6000
(+6332) 2340773
Or check out their website, www.danasanecoadventure.com, for more кондиционеры инверторные купить в минске information

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